Series 4000 Static Mixers

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Series 4000 Static Mixers are an open channel version of a Series 3050 low headloss mixer mounted in a penstock.

This range has all the advantages of the 3050 Series mixer, but is designed to mix fluids in an open channel for flatter hydraulic grade lines.

Head loss can be further reduced by adding inlet and outlet diffuser cones.

These mixers are designed to be built into penstocks or stopboards that are then installed in the open channel. In this way they can be easily lifted from the channel for inspection if required.

They are designed to be an alternative for motor driven (shaft and submersible) mixers where there is an exisitng flow due to the process.

The advantages are:

  • Mixes well with minimal, or very low, headloss
  • Choice of three levels of mixing with three levels of headloss by choosing number of rows of four "fins" - single, double, or triple stage
  • High performance mixing - CoV of 0.057 or better
  • Published headloss - k-Value of 1.64 or better
  • Accommodates Changing Water Levels and Flow Rates
  • Suitable for Remote Locations
  • Sustainable - no power consumption
  • Reduced maintenance costs (no motors, bearings, oil seals etc)
  • No ragging and clogging of impellors
  • No moving parts
  • Long service life
  • The small (but predictable) hydraulic step can be measured and translated to a flow measurement.
  • CFD reports available
  • Whte Papers available

H2O Rx's engineers will assist with all the engineering, sizing, and specification of the complete design - from concept to reality.

Series Brochure Description Diagram
Series 4000 For mixing in an open channel with flatter hydraulic grade lines and mounted in a penstock for easy removal for inspection. 4000 Series

Westfall Static Mixers have predictable headloss co-efficients.

Click Here for a chart that indicates the head loss coeffient of each model.


Westfall Manufacturing Series 4000 Mixers are designed and built to meet your needs:

Common materials for 4000 Series mixers are:

  • FRP
  • 316 stainless steel


  • Water treatment - Chlorine Contact Tanks (CCT's) in both chlorination and dechlorination zones
  • Waste Water Treatment - Mixing Coagulants (eg Ferric Chloride) at the inlet to Primary Sedimentation Tanks (PST's) and clarifiers.

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Series 4000 Open Channel Static Mixer CFD Model  
Alden Research Laboratory CFD Report 411527-1R1


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