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H2O Rx supplies chemical storage and handling equipment to industry for industry.

We understand that industry in Australia and New Zealand, and further afield in the Asia-Pacific region, operates in a very competitive environment with a focus on continually improving:

  • sustainability
  • occupational health, safety, and environmental performance
  • production outputs
  • competitiveness
  • profitability
  • complying to legislative responsibilities

H2O Rx supports industry with specialist chemical storage and handling equipment in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific region.

H2O Rx specialises in the following technology:
  • Saf-T-Flo Chemical Dosing Assemblies, injectors and samplers
  • Westfall Manufacturing Wafer-Style Static Mixers
  • Blacoh Fluid Control Sentry pulsation dampeners and Sentinel gauge guards
  • Van London – pHoenix Company replacement sensors and electrodes
  • H2O Rx PVC and Glass Calibration columns

H2O Rx

H2O Rx an Australian owned company specialising in the supply of chemical storage and handling equipment to industry for industry.  We do this by:

  • sourcing the latest technology across the world to supply to industry in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific
  • providing experienced in-house engineers to customise the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers’ individual applications and site conditions
  • supplying “state of the art” technology to fill gaps in the market that solve ongoing problems on industry sites
  • providing quality equipment at competitive prices to work with our customers’ budgets
  • surpassing expectations with regards lead times to meet our customers’ tight time-frames
  • continuing to build our solid reputation for unmatched customer service and support
  • providing our customers with a "one stop shop" of complimentary chemical storage and handling equipment.

H2O Rx is proudly Australian owned and committed to a sustainable environment.

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H2O Rx Pty Ltd


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Last Updated: 21 February, 2023