Series 6000 Static Mixers

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6000 Series Counter-Swirl Static Mixer is designed for applications where reduced headloss but excellent mixing within 3 pipe diameters, and / or a short laying length is required.

The new concept Counter-Swirl Static Mixer features three curved fins welded to a spool interior. Injection nozzles are integrated and fits in tight spaces.

This model is a "spool" type mixer, and firmly fits between the two existing ranges- the 2800 / 2850 Series and 3050 Serie -, whilst providing additional benefits at the same time.

  • With a headloss co-efficient of 1.26 (almost as low as a 2 stage 3050 Series - far lower than the 2850) and
  • With a mixing COV of 0.025, which makes it better than 1 and 2 stage 3050's and 0.9 Beta 2850's
  • With complete mixing, it delivers the lowest CoV (0.025) within 3 pipe diameters downstream available today.

The additional benefits are that:

  • the above performance is achieved in only 3 diameters from the leading edge of the mixer. This means with ever increasing pressure on space for installations the 6000 Series not only provides a compact mixer, but aso a reduced space requirement before samples, offtakes and branches.
  • up to three injection ports can be provided, and these are all in the same line as the main process pipe, and on one side only. This makes the arrangements for dosing lines, access and maintenance much simpler than any other when more than one dosing point is required.
Benefits Features
Complete mixing in 3 pipe diameters from leading mixer edge. Size range form DN20 to DN3000.
Custom designed and made to suit the application. Available in most common pipe materials.
Resists fouling. Can be 3D printed - depending on application.
Requires little or no maintenance. Injection ports and be built in.
Easy to install CFD Designed and tested.
Low Cost No external energy requirements.
Easily shipped No moving parts
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Series 6000 Counter Swirl Style Static Mixer


H2O Rx is the exclusive Australian licensee and distributor of the Westfall Manufacturing range of static mixers manufactured in both Australia and USA>

H2O Rx and Westfall Manufacturing design an build static mixers to meet your application's needs:

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