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Many businesses store dangerous goods for various purposes, and as regulations and standards change it is important to ensure that compliance is maintened to protect staff and assets.

Chemical System Consulting can provide review services during the design stages of new storage facilities so that in-house and external designers work can be checked for dangerous goods compliance before construction, preventing expensive defects and rework.

Beyond the initial construction, Chemical System Consulting recommends an annual dangerous goods auditing by a third party for all sites stocking dangerous goods.

We follow a simple methodology for annual reviews:

  1. Obtain relevant documentation and review.
  2. Develop a check list based on the relevant Australian Standards, Codes and Legislation.
  3. Visit the site - making notes and photographs.
  4. Develop a report, with specific recommendations.

The report is designed to clearly identify any breaches in the requirements of storing Dangerous Goods, then to provide recommendation as to the most cost effective means of resolving the problem.

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Dangerous Goods Auditing

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Last Updated: 28 March, 2014